TXT2Remind Evolution - How to set up an Outbox Document

Create an outbox TXT document for use with TXT2Remind.




This document outlines the steps involved in setting up a MedTech Evolution outbox document template according to the design specifications of TXT2Remind. Once the document is set up correctly, users in the practice can send mobile text messages to the patients within MedTech Evolution with the ability to have the messages file against the patient notes.


Creating a TXT2Remind Outbox Document


To be able to send a text message from your outbox document you first need to set up a document in the Document Designer within your MedTech Evolution system. This document will be of type Text (T) as opposed to traditional letter-based documents.


  1. A) Go to File > Options 

  1. B) Then Click on Outbox Document > Add New Document 

C) When the Document Designer box pops up, fill in the fields as shown below. Ensure the Code and Description has a prefix of TXT. This will distinguish the difference between a hard copy document and a text document, it will also make it much easier to locate. Choose the TXT2Remind (TXT) folder and select Text (T) for the Format.

E.g. for Cervical Smear recalls, enter the Code as: TXTCX and the Description as: TXT Cervical Smear

D) Click on the document tab and type your message. Use the insert button to merge fields that will personalize the message.

Note: You can only have 160 characters per text message

E) Click on the OK button to finish.


3 Sending a Text from Outbox Document


Once an outbox document is created in your patient management system, you can now send messages to one patient at a time within the patient manager screen as outlined in this section.

  1. A) Ensure that you have a patient on the palette. Go to the Patient tab > click on Patient Outbox > Add a New Document Icon > Choose the Document or write a new message and click OK.
  2. B) A new Patient Document Box will pop up. Select a TXT Document from the drop-down option in the Document cell.
  3. C) The message will appear as below, changing the merge fields to the appropriate text. To send the text message press OK.

  1. D) The text message will queue to your practice server where the TXT2Remind client will

process it. Please note that by default TXT2Remind processes outbox documents every

5 minutes.